Boutique Tanks. What’s Your Word?

AJP boutique has designed racer-back tanks with words that create emotion, dreamers and feelers!  Beauty is meant to be felt not just seen.

The first 4 words are available now.

Fill out the form below.

 $25 + tax

$4 shipping and handling (no matter how many shirts you order).

Our model is wearing a medium.

Our premier words are:

Wonderlust v. To be in a constant state of wonder

Inspire v. to fill (someone) with the ability to feel something

Enchanting adj; captivate, to subject to magical influence

Strong adj: powerfully made, hard to capture

Thank you for being patient while we set up our online ordering system. For multiple shirts, please fill out the form for each shirt, you will only be sent one bill within 24 hours.

THANK YOU and partial proceeds will go to help our Albany City Mission.


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