{Featuring Jefferson’s Makayla!} Brave. Fearless. Purple.

The challenge was to use a color to tell a story. Challenge accepted.  Jefferson Central School’s Makayla stepped up to the offer and came into our studio to meet fashion make up artist Rachel Duncan of Color Me Gorgeous… fitting name for such a shoot 😉

Showing girls we can step out of our comfort zone and press into our creativity is sheer amazing. The empowering moment when you can shed your every day and just allow someone else to help you do something way different.

The challenge results aren’t back yet, but I couldn’t wait any longer to feature what we did with Makayla and the color purple.

Welcome to our color challenge.

FYI: we have several themed and model shoots planned for 2017, if you are even a little interested to see what we do, you can sign up for our email list by clicking on the contact tab above and follow along on instagram at amberjseniors.

Purple. Unicorns. Mystery.




We invite you and your teen daughter to a life changing experience: ready?

That’s a bold offer, but that’s what we want for you.  What if we could give you a life changing experience that not only left with you with the most amazing images of your daughter, but time together with her.

High school is flying and in the next few years, your daughter will change from a young teenager to a young woman.  We want to provide you with an experience that allows you to spend time with her, but also empowers you as mother and daughter. We want to show your daughter confidence in herself, provide her access to friendships and celebrate exactly who she is.


Will you allow us to do this with you?

Janet Dibble-Ross :”Amber is such a talented photographer! I am so glad my daughter got to join Amber and Shelly on the adventure of a lifetime for her Senior year! Amber has given me such beautiful moments to remember and cherish forever…and I cannot thank her enough for taking Alexandria and I along for the ride. Having Amber photograph your child, children, family…whatever the occasion, is not just a photograph…it is an entire experience that will last forever. Words cannot express the moments she has given my daughter! ..and I will be forever thankful.”

We invite you to sign up for our emails that will go out in 2017 to start planning some of the best adventures in friendship, creativity, self expression and self value all wrapped up in priceless images that in 30 years from now she will treasure.  Joining the AJP TEEN Team will change… everything.

(Esp if you have a 2018 senior!) Journey with us.

Sign up here for more information


Amber and Shelly

Looking through a window: Santa Hats and Sweet Girls

Last week our Amber J Senior Reps took donations for gifts to senior citizen living in a senior assisted living facility and then we broke out in a santa hat shoot. We thought it would be fun to show you the set up mixed in with the images that we finalized for the girls.

It’s been one of the few give backs we have done this year and it was lot of fun.  As this year comes to close so many of the things we have done are changing for our teens. This next year has opened many doors with designers and professional artist that it is excited to see how this will go.  Our traditional model team is becoming an entity and it’s truly amazing to see something we have built from the ground up gain a platform that will allow our teenagers a chance to work in front of the camera, get to know creatives in the professional fields and gain experiences that I would have never dreamed I would be able to offer.

So, be ready 2017 !

Interested in more information on how to be a part of this: fill out this form

Our adventures on instagram: amberjseniors

snapchat : amberjphoto

The studio!


our santas hard at worksanta-blog-11santa-blog-4santa-blog-15

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Introducing Jaida! {Cobleskill-Richmondville Senior Portraits}

Let’s remember back to afternoons filled with sunshine and summertime and Jaida!  We hope you enjoy all that there is to offer about this senior portrait session.

Hair and Make up by Jessica Wynia Hair and Make up .

Let’s think spring!

If you would like more info on how we produce our senior portrait sessions, please

click HERE and click on senior portraits.

we are featuring Jaida on our instagram @amberjseniors


AJP Models In NYC

One of my all time favorite days was taking this group of models to NYC for the day.  We started in Grand Central Station and walked the city to find a few cool spots before we took time to just tour the city for fun!

We ate street food, we enjoyed the sunshine and we really enjoyed spending time with these girls.

If a photoshoot in NYC is something even remotely intriguing to  you, you can sign up for our teen news here: nyc-finals-1nyc-finals-2nyc-finals-3nyc-finals-4nyc-finals-5nyc-finals-6nyc-finals-8nyc-finals-9nyc-finals-10nyc-finals-11nyc-finals-12nyc-finals-13nyc-finals-14nyc-finals-15nyc-finals-16nyc-finals-17nyc-finals-18nyc-finals-19nyc-finals-20nyc-finals-21nyc-finals-22nyc-finals-23nyc-finals-24nyc-finals-25nyc-finals-26nyc-finals-27nyc-finals-28nyc-finals-29nyc-finals-30nyc-finals-31nyc-finals-32nyc-finals-33nyc-finals-34nyc-finals-35nyc-finals-36nyc-finals-37nyc-finals-38nyc-1webnyc-1

Deciding if the AJP Teen Experience Is Right for You…

Hi there! You are receiving this email based on your interest in Amber J Photography’s Teen Division studios.


We are so excited about 2017 that it’s making cra-zy. As we start preparing we wanted to make help you make sure you are on the right track in decision making.

1. Have you talked to your parents or guardians regarding your interest. If not, mention it now so we can help you help them 🙂

2. This more than modeling. This is to help you create something within yourself through meeting new people, working with several professionals in the industry.

3. Social Media, so guess what? We check your social media. Why? Because when we link you to our professional designers and artists, we want to be proud of who you are… so skim through your social media accounts and make sure what you are posting will be worth looking upon by those potential people looking to dress you and work with you .

4. Willingness. We are looking for WILLING models to be more than ordinary. We want to create, we want to amaze the teen world, we want continue be published nationally. This means we MUST extend comfort borders and explore creative ideas!

5. Modeling experience is not necessary. We want regular girls (and guys!) from regular high schools.

6. We want girls (and guys!) who want to have fun and meet new people.

7. We want to get to know you! Being a part of our team, means we get to be a part of who you are. That’s a big deal.

8. We want adventure seekers and image makers. If this sounds remotely fun stayed tuned!! It’s always more fun with a friend, so feel free to invite someone along for the right by hitting the tab here:

You can always peruse around and see what we have done so far : amberjseniors.com and we are on instagram at amberjseniors

If you are interested, just stay tuned!! Some locations for the upcoming year include NYC and the beach!!



Excited. Creative. Ready. {Teens- You may want to sign up for this.}

Have you ever had an idea and were just too scared to put it out there? I totally get it. So here’s the deal. We are changing things and in an awesome way and we would like you to be a part of it. It’s tough to make changes and trust me I get nervous too!  So, the more the merrier!


Have you noticed that ordinary is no fun?  Don’t get me wrong.  I love ordinary days filled with a good movie and a hot chocolate.  I want to adventure to follow my ordinary movie days.  I want you to adventure with me.  Our Amber J Rep program has blossomed into something I never really thought would take on the form that it has. It’s been fun to watch something you believed in take flight.

Here’s a little bit about us 🙂

Shelly and I are excited to be creative and explore 2017 with creative minds, excited individuals and break through into the extraordinary.


Here’s the deal: you can sign up here .   This will put you on our first notification list before we blast the world with our ideas! You are NOT obligated to do anything, this is just so we can get the fun stuff into your inbox!

So, if you are a teen (13-16) or you will be a junior in high school in the fall of 2017 – we want to hang with you!!


Here’s a few snap shots of our styled shoots, model shoots and yes we got to work with the fabulous Janet from Angela’s Bridal and M& D Farms as an awesome location.  Did we mention we traveled to Manhattan with our model team too?

Sign up and then you can make an informed decision if you want to adventure with us next year.


amber and shelly

Bored with Ordinary.

Introducing Carlyn: {Jefferson} Senior Portrait Artist

When we have dreams, we have something to chase and embrace and hope for in endless amounts of time.  So dream and fly and do all the things people think about, but never actually experience.  This time in your life is the time to start, because at 17 you can do anything for everything is before you.  You have opportunity and time and life and so we claim it to move forward and do the things others can’t or don’t.  So be you and fly because you have your own set of wings.

Follow our stories on instagram at @amberjseniors
. ❤

Bring your story to life with us – hit the contact me page and tell us about yourself.

Hair and make up: Jessica Wynia Hair and Make Up!


Introducing Emily! {Middleburgh} – Senior Portrait Session

In a world where we never know what comes next or exactly what are future holds, we have these moments.  This is a time to embrace what we have and enjoy the sweet smell of now.  These days are fleeting and we are sometimes ensnared by the whirlwind of life, which gives us all the more reason to stop and look toward the sun and smile for a brief moment of thankfulness.

May I introduce these few lovely moments with Emily and her beautiful and gentle smiles.

Thank you for being awesome Emily!


Happy Birthday Dear Jillian

*permission given from her family to write this dedicated piece.

Today is Jillian’s 18th birthday, tomorrow her family will bury her and cry the tears many of us pray to never have to cry.

Everyone knows spending time with the Nappi family means you will hear of their love for God and you will continue to hear about it especially now.

We may never understand the “why” to tragedy on this side of heaven, but Jillian had a testimony and it was clear.  Was she perfect? No.  Did she love the Lord Jesus as her savior? yes.  Her obituary was clear. So was her salvation.


In a life lost so young, we have questions, we are confused, we shake our fists in undeniable anger, grief can seem so insurmountable…without Jesus, it can be insurmountable.

Today, the Nappi family is welcoming all of Jillian’s friends over for her birthday.  If you are her friend, you should go. Celebrate her life and learn what it means to know Jesus personally.  Give Jillian the gift of knowing you too can claim her creator as your own.


It’s rare to see a teenager firm in her beliefs.  Jillian knew, understood and accepted Jesus Christ as her savior. So this platform I am writing on is for nothing more than to make sure her testimony reaches just a few more.


So what does this all mean? Why does her testimony mean so much? This is it:

Romans 3:23 – For all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God (no one is perfect)
Romans 6:32 -For sin equals death, but the gift of God is eternal through Jesus Christ

Romans 5: 8 – God loved us so much , that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

Romans 10:9 – For if you confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is your Lord and believe in him with all your heart and that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved (and spend eternity with Jesus in heaven)

So, as the family says “see you later” tomorrow at her funeral, they can honestly say this.  They don’t hope, they don’t guess, they don’t say this because she was a good person.  They claim it, they own it, they WILL see her again because Jesus promised.


Happy birthday dear Jillian. Your infectious smile and vibrant personality will be missed on levels most of us can’t imagine.  I have stared at your face over and over again and I can see the light in your eyes that so many others found in you.

Thank you for your life, your testimony and who you are to so many.  You are a gift that keeps on giving. May Jesus wrap his arms around your family and this world as we grieve your loss.  Happy birthday beautiful.