I invite you to a session with us, it will change the way you feel, it will change the way you see your self. We will stop time and make this moment priceless.


We want to do that for you, we want to give you the best photograph you will ever have of yourself.

Amber and Shelly are two sought after teen photographers specializing in senior portraits and teen fashion portraits.   We want your experience to be personal,  exciting and something that will be hung on your wall for years to come. Memories happen now.

It starts by clicking here:

bts model shoot-2


We seriously can’t wait to meet you!!headshot bts model shoot

Oh we have even been featured in the national publication The Seen magazine and MODERN senior. Boring just went far far away!

Check that out here: 

Our site got rave reviews with these sessions…

The fall! 

Styling portraits!


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