wearing my heart on my sleeve{less}

I am writer at heart. Photography is a visually intense journey, but writing is power (to me at least).

So, one day in the studio I got up and knocked on the door that leads from my studio to the gift store connected to me.

Larry (Lerny’s Gift Shop) looked up from his computer and I met his look, “Sooooo, I might have an idea. ” I smiled because I hear smiling helps when you ask questions.

He listened, he looked at my design for a tank top, he gave me some advice and a few weeks later my idea was on a model in my studio!  Thanks to my business neighbor, we just hit 20 (pre order inquiries) in our first instagram post in the first hour. WHAT? We are donating partial proceeds to the Albany City Mission and we couldn’t be more excited to do this.

Step by step, making ideas come to life.  It falls in line with our entire goal for this year as a photography studio for teens.  Young girls, we can DO and BE anything if we put our dreams in action!!

Our first 4 words will be releasing in my studio in the next couple weeks and then we go online. EEEEEK!!! Two were released on instagram last night 🙂



Model: Jesse Batz

Wonderlust Magazine feature all our models can be found here.

We can’t wait to launch this line soon and I can’t thank Larry enough for putting up with my questions, ideas, and random font changes and helping me design these shirts.

Thanks to our lovely model, Jesse and thanks for this opportunity.

I love words, I love their definition and I love how this all turned out.  I hope you do too.

@amberjseniors and @amberjteens – instagram

@amberjphoto – twitter

Our new site is coming soon too, it’s like Christmas~!



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