AJP Teens: In case you can’t make it, here’s our alternative meeting date, can’t wait!!!

AJP Teen Jaylah Bell – “Amber Amber Lawrence Johns and Shelly Peavey-Wood always take awesome pictures and work so hard to achieve their visions! I have never had such an amazing opportunity to work with so many great people, it’s like one big happy family and they always strive to make everyone comfortable and happy while they are being photographed. I don’t think I can express how thankful I am that God led me to these people!! I love every single one of them an they make the already amazing experience even more amazing. It’s incredible how much confidence I have built since I began working with Amber J Photography! Both the people and the experience are more then I could have ever imagined I could be a part of, thank you Amber and Shelly!”

In simple gestures and sweet smiles, the world can see good.  We have filled up our Feb 4th 11 am brunch for potential AJP TEEN reps, so we would like to publicly offer a back up date

Wednesday feb 8 – 6:30 pm 322 Main Street, Middleburgh NY


Once our teens have signed, we will begin our journey in this new year.  Some of you ask: what is this all about?

I try to explain to sports parents it’s like club sports for those athletes who want to excel and go beyond the ordinary.  For theater, it’s like taking classes and investing in opportunities to express the art you so dearly love.  For the student, it’s education of a process unlike any other.  For the human being, it’s self discovery different from others.

If you are interested in joining our teen team or just getting information, please sign up for the  meeting.  We will go through the opportunities available to our teens through our studio.

You can always check out our previous links to get more insight: Contact me, Themed session example, who we are!

we look forward to serving you and providing a unique alternative to the every day.


amber and shelly




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