3 Days until we launch, {sign up to grab our first seats as AJP Teen Reps}

 “Amber and Shelly have given me so many opportunities throughout this journey I’m so grateful for.. for the longest time I was uncomfortable in front of a camera, or awkward with others.. but in this journey I’ve learned to laugh and make.jokes through it all, and smile. it’s awesome what amber and shelly have done for me, and there aren’t enough thank yous in the world for them. They change so many lives, more then they know. they’re the ones who capture everyone’s most precious moments, they’re here through it all. I recommend them for everything and anything-they’re the greatest! I can’t thank you guys enough” – Lexi- AJP TEEN


We are the only full service portrait studio for teens.  We create, uplift and showcase some amazing teenagers from our  base studio and we have reached the attention of national publishers ONLY because our teens have exemplified beauty in a way that is different.

So it’s January. In three days our subscribers will be sent an email with exclusive times and dates for meetings to be introduced to a world beyond our every day expectations.

This year, our amazing teens will make beauty a verb.  Beauty is action and we are going to showcase it through creativity, art, kindness and really amazing girls.


(click on the word for examples)


portrait shoots

themed shoots with girls from around New York

work with real professionals in the industry

in 30 years she will look back on and say “I did that!”

Community Service events

and so much more.

Sign up for our introductory email that will show case even more about what we have ahead.   We also have another special announcement coming in February and our AJP Teens will have first access.



amber and shelly



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