Enchanting; {Beauty is a verb}

I love words. They can empower, deflate, create and inspire.  Young girls and women alike have the ability to inspire the world around them or destroy it.

I choose to inspire. I choose to make beauty a verb and not an adjective.  Beauty as an adjective deteriorates with age, it’s subject to judgement and physical handicaps.

Beauty as a verb breathes life.  Eyes become brighter with hope and smiles are more beautiful when they are a result of spontaneous kindness. Yes,  I want each girl who walks through our studio doors to experience beauty as verb.

I love words and here in my space in the world, I will share them with you. For everyone is enchanting; captivating and subject to magical influence.

She deserves to exist in photographs.

Never hesitate to contact us about a session or follow along on instagram at amberjseniors

be. enchanting.

Contact us here to join the party.



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