I’m Awkward {they said}; but not with me

“I’m awkward”

“I’m fat”

“I have acne”

“I never look good”

“I don’t have the right clothes”

“I never know how to smile”

“My smile looks like I want to kill someone”

“I have resting “B” face”

“I don’t look like a model”

“I’m too short”

on and on and on we go.


When you work with our studios,  You will look back and say, “WOW, I am so glad I did that.”

Because we ALL have something we want to change, but God has made this way and can we just all embrace who we are and CELEBRATE it?

“You have no idea.” They say.

Yes, I do. Because, like you I have insecurities. I also have passions and those passions far outweigh my insecurities. They must or else we die a little.

I will release your passion, your true entity, your YOU! Don’t be the girl in the pictures, be you in this moment in life, I’ll happen to bring my camera with me.

Contact us and let us show you how amazing awkward can be for anyone!


instagram: amberjseniors




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