We invite you and your teen daughter to a life changing experience: ready?

That’s a bold offer, but that’s what we want for you.  What if we could give you a life changing experience that not only left with you with the most amazing images of your daughter, but time together with her.

High school is flying and in the next few years, your daughter will change from a young teenager to a young woman.  We want to provide you with an experience that allows you to spend time with her, but also empowers you as mother and daughter. We want to show your daughter confidence in herself, provide her access to friendships and celebrate exactly who she is.


Will you allow us to do this with you?

Janet Dibble-Ross :”Amber is such a talented photographer! I am so glad my daughter got to join Amber and Shelly on the adventure of a lifetime for her Senior year! Amber has given me such beautiful moments to remember and cherish forever…and I cannot thank her enough for taking Alexandria and I along for the ride. Having Amber photograph your child, children, family…whatever the occasion, is not just a photograph…it is an entire experience that will last forever. Words cannot express the moments she has given my daughter! ..and I will be forever thankful.”

We invite you to sign up for our emails that will go out in 2017 to start planning some of the best adventures in friendship, creativity, self expression and self value all wrapped up in priceless images that in 30 years from now she will treasure.  Joining the AJP TEEN Team will change… everything.

(Esp if you have a 2018 senior!) Journey with us.

Sign up here for more information


Amber and Shelly


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