Looking through a window: Santa Hats and Sweet Girls

Last week our Amber J Senior Reps took donations for gifts to senior citizen living in a senior assisted living facility and then we broke out in a santa hat shoot. We thought it would be fun to show you the set up mixed in with the images that we finalized for the girls.

It’s been one of the few give backs we have done this year and it was lot of fun.  As this year comes to close so many of the things we have done are changing for our teens. This next year has opened many doors with designers and professional artist that it is excited to see how this will go.  Our traditional model team is becoming an entity and it’s truly amazing to see something we have built from the ground up gain a platform that will allow our teenagers a chance to work in front of the camera, get to know creatives in the professional fields and gain experiences that I would have never dreamed I would be able to offer.

So, be ready 2017 !

Interested in more information on how to be a part of this: fill out this form

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The studio!


our santas hard at worksanta-blog-11santa-blog-4santa-blog-15

I loved this window!santa-blog-5santa-blog-13santa-blog-14santa-blog-16santa-blog-6santa-blog-9santa-blog-22santa-blog-20santa-blog-21santa-blog-24santa-blog-25santa-blog-26santa-blog-35santa-blog-27santa-hats-emily-1santa-hats-emily-2santa-hats-emily-3santa-blog-30santa-blog-31santa-blog-32santa-blog-33santa-blog-34santa-blog-36santa-blog-37santa-blog-38santa-blog-39santa-blog-40santa-blog-41santa-blog-42santa-blog-58santa-hats-1-2santa-hats-1santa-blog-17santa-blog-18santa-blog-19santa-blog-23santa-blog-60santa-blog-61santa-blog-62santa-blog-63santa-blog-64santa-blog-65santa-blog-66santa-blog-67santa-hats-1-3


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