AJP Models In NYC

One of my all time favorite days was taking this group of models to NYC for the day.  We started in Grand Central Station and walked the city to find a few cool spots before we took time to just tour the city for fun!

We ate street food, we enjoyed the sunshine and we really enjoyed spending time with these girls.

If a photoshoot in NYC is something even remotely intriguing to  you, you can sign up for our teen news here: nyc-finals-1nyc-finals-2nyc-finals-3nyc-finals-4nyc-finals-5nyc-finals-6nyc-finals-8nyc-finals-9nyc-finals-10nyc-finals-11nyc-finals-12nyc-finals-13nyc-finals-14nyc-finals-15nyc-finals-16nyc-finals-17nyc-finals-18nyc-finals-19nyc-finals-20nyc-finals-21nyc-finals-22nyc-finals-23nyc-finals-24nyc-finals-25nyc-finals-26nyc-finals-27nyc-finals-28nyc-finals-29nyc-finals-30nyc-finals-31nyc-finals-32nyc-finals-33nyc-finals-34nyc-finals-35nyc-finals-36nyc-finals-37nyc-finals-38nyc-1webnyc-1


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