Deciding if the AJP Teen Experience Is Right for You…

Hi there! You are receiving this email based on your interest in Amber J Photography’s Teen Division studios.


We are so excited about 2017 that it’s making cra-zy. As we start preparing we wanted to make help you make sure you are on the right track in decision making.

1. Have you talked to your parents or guardians regarding your interest. If not, mention it now so we can help you help them 🙂

2. This more than modeling. This is to help you create something within yourself through meeting new people, working with several professionals in the industry.

3. Social Media, so guess what? We check your social media. Why? Because when we link you to our professional designers and artists, we want to be proud of who you are… so skim through your social media accounts and make sure what you are posting will be worth looking upon by those potential people looking to dress you and work with you .

4. Willingness. We are looking for WILLING models to be more than ordinary. We want to create, we want to amaze the teen world, we want continue be published nationally. This means we MUST extend comfort borders and explore creative ideas!

5. Modeling experience is not necessary. We want regular girls (and guys!) from regular high schools.

6. We want girls (and guys!) who want to have fun and meet new people.

7. We want to get to know you! Being a part of our team, means we get to be a part of who you are. That’s a big deal.

8. We want adventure seekers and image makers. If this sounds remotely fun stayed tuned!! It’s always more fun with a friend, so feel free to invite someone along for the right by hitting the tab here:

You can always peruse around and see what we have done so far : and we are on instagram at amberjseniors

If you are interested, just stay tuned!! Some locations for the upcoming year include NYC and the beach!!




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