Happy Birthday Dear Jillian

*permission given from her family to write this dedicated piece.

Today is Jillian’s 18th birthday, tomorrow her family will bury her and cry the tears many of us pray to never have to cry.

Everyone knows spending time with the Nappi family means you will hear of their love for God and you will continue to hear about it especially now.

We may never understand the “why” to tragedy on this side of heaven, but Jillian had a testimony and it was clear.  Was she perfect? No.  Did she love the Lord Jesus as her savior? yes.  Her obituary was clear. So was her salvation.


In a life lost so young, we have questions, we are confused, we shake our fists in undeniable anger, grief can seem so insurmountable…without Jesus, it can be insurmountable.

Today, the Nappi family is welcoming all of Jillian’s friends over for her birthday.  If you are her friend, you should go. Celebrate her life and learn what it means to know Jesus personally.  Give Jillian the gift of knowing you too can claim her creator as your own.


It’s rare to see a teenager firm in her beliefs.  Jillian knew, understood and accepted Jesus Christ as her savior. So this platform I am writing on is for nothing more than to make sure her testimony reaches just a few more.


So what does this all mean? Why does her testimony mean so much? This is it:

Romans 3:23 – For all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God (no one is perfect)
Romans 6:32 -For sin equals death, but the gift of God is eternal through Jesus Christ

Romans 5: 8 – God loved us so much , that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

Romans 10:9 – For if you confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is your Lord and believe in him with all your heart and that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved (and spend eternity with Jesus in heaven)

So, as the family says “see you later” tomorrow at her funeral, they can honestly say this.  They don’t hope, they don’t guess, they don’t say this because she was a good person.  They claim it, they own it, they WILL see her again because Jesus promised.


Happy birthday dear Jillian. Your infectious smile and vibrant personality will be missed on levels most of us can’t imagine.  I have stared at your face over and over again and I can see the light in your eyes that so many others found in you.

Thank you for your life, your testimony and who you are to so many.  You are a gift that keeps on giving. May Jesus wrap his arms around your family and this world as we grieve your loss.  Happy birthday beautiful.





16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dear Jillian

  1. May GOD hold you in the palm of his hand until you meet again. Our deepest condolences to you and your family 💔💔

  2. A beautiful young lady inside and out. God gave her a gift and she obviously shared that gift many many others. Her gift of music and her gift of sharing who the Lord is with others. Jillian our hearts are broken because we won’t see you anymore but our hearts also rejoice knowing you are in the arms of our Loving Lord. May your witness and love of God bring others closer to Him. Heaven has gained a beatiful angel that I know I will see again one day.

  3. amen that was just beautiful …as is jillian…JUST BEAUTIFUL …we have truly lost a great girl …..see ya later jill!!!!!!!!

  4. She once wrote me a note about how she appreciated and cared about me.. She was 13 I think.. what 13 yr old does that for a then 47 yr old woman.. She was a light to all who knew here and Her love for Jesus was firm . God bless her and her family my heart and prayers go out to them.. much love and prayer

  5. As a mother in the same situation, this is an awesome tribute to a child of God, as was my son. I pray for the family during this time

  6. I grew up in Jefferson. I live in NJ now. I heard about Jillian’s accident this past weekend while visiting in South Kortright. Everyone is in shock and so saddened. This tribute is very very powerful and beautiful. Heaven has been given a special and untimely gift. Her angel wings will be strong and pure. Her smile will radiate with the rising and setting sun.

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