You’re Invited to an Exclusive Wicked Tea Party Event, Let the Story Begin.

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There is a world beyond our most immediate grasp where the journey takes more than a mere agreement to travel. Moments exist where we can step out of ourselves to indulge in our imaginations and dress in our deepest colors. We don’t transform ourselves, we just express a piece of us that often resides reclusive.  In these tributes of expression we find there is more to each of us, then we will ever know.  There is a lightness and a darkness as we emerge and submerge in the undulation we call dreaming.

“If we let it, our imagination will create our reality”


There’s room to explore, there’s room to believe. There is always something to fear and there is always something to embrace.

To understand the good and evil in everyone is to embrace both and determine which is greater and where to give your heart.


We gather with friends and we are surrounded by enemies, never understanding who is who in this battle, but we feel the tension and confuse it’s purpose. wtp-final-shots-38wtp-final-shots-37

We desire to let go, yet we hold on tightly to something we don’t quite understand. Our hearts leap forward and sometimes the lines of good and evil must be drawn. wtp-final-shots-36wtp-final-shots-35

A war begins in the quietest of moments we find the first resistance, the first time we don’t agree.

We must decide. wtp-final-shots-17


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To capture hearts we must veil and unveil truth, but the looking glass looking back at you is a shrewd filter..wtp-final-shots-27-2wtp-final-shots-29




So it’s time for us all to gather in one place and accept the invitation for friendship or deny it’s acceptance. wtp-100

For among us a power is brewing and we can only sense it’s presence without it’s tangibility. wtp-final-shots-11-2wtp-final-shots-6For together we explore, together we journey, but our destinations may never be the same.



As we search we will follow the light or we will follow the shadows. wtp-final-shots-14wtp-final-shotsa-5

So we feast among us and wait for those with dark intentions to show themselves. wtp-final-shots-26wtp-final-shots-12-2wtp-final-shots-16-2

We must follow or we must lead. Our hearts are deceivers and our company it’s reflection. wtp-final-shots-41wtp-final-shotsa-7wtp-final-shots-17-2wtp-final-shots-18wtp-final-shots-20-2wtp-final-shots-21-2wtp-final-shots-22-2wtp-final-shots-23-2wtp-final-shots-24-2

Kings and queens may dine together lest they actually agree.  Wars brew behind smiles and betrayal behind laughter. Dessert disguises dissention and soon we will separate. wtp-final-shots-26-2

There will be those who face the light, but turn from it’s warmth. wtp-final-shots-32wtp-final-shots-33

And in the end, we know a tale as old as time is the plan for good and evil to divide.


Thank you to these amazing professional for bringing this story to life!

Our host venue: M&D Farm

Photoshoot: Wicked Tea Party

Janet from Angela’s Bridal  for these amazing dresses!

Samantha from Samantha Nass Floral Design   who added an enchanted to touch to our sets with her floral talents!

Photographer: Amber J Photography (Amber J Seniors & Amber J Teens)

Rachel Duncan: Color Me Gorgeous

Bailee Besso: Bailee Besso/Chanel

Glory Addie: Glory Addie Hair and Make up

Gina Tarbell: Gina Tarbell Artistry

Julie Potter : Julie Potter Master Stylist

Michelle McMahon:Bourbon and Lace Hair Design

Sierra Devlin: Just Teaze

Katie Burns: Katie Burns Artistry


Make Me A Cake: Cupcakes

Invitations designed by Jennycdesign


Our portrait series featured on instagram at @amberjseniors



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