“Wicked Tea Party” Beyond the images. A bridge from reality to fantasy.{An upstate New York photoshoot}

Photoshoot: Wicked Tea Party

Location: M&D Farm

Photographer: Amber J Photography (Amber J Seniors & Amber J Teens)

Your invited to see beyond the images: THANK YOU M&D Farm for this video!

It’s often a challenge for many young girls and guys to step out and do something different.  When we dream, we dream big, but when we live, we live small.  Our recent adventure with 13 amazing young ladies included dreaming big and living big.  It’s a credit to every girl that stepped into our imagination and brought it to life.

Our models included : Abbey (Gilboa Central School) , Claudina (Guilderland High), Sydney (Averill Park High School), Jaylah (Middleburgh High School), Kayla (Cobleskill High), Allie, (Cobleskill High) Brooke (Dover), Cheryl (Guilderland), Gianna (Coxsackie High), Juliette (Unatego), Carissa (Schoharie High School), Anna (Colonie High)  and Alexis (Walton High School) trusted, lept and indulged creative minds to bring enchantment into a Monday in October.

“Be different, not too different. Be bold, but not too bold.

Be beautiful, but not too beautiful. Be good, but not too good”

This quote, this ideal was shattered when these amazing young women stepped into our world.  Why? Because they embraced something very different. very bold. very beautiful and not good…but absolutely amazing.  That is what makes this group of women powerful, beautiful and mystical.

Our portrait pieces have been featured on Instagram here with our sister site: Amber J Teens.  and M&D Farm

Here’s how it all began.

The Westerlo countryside is becoming one of the premiere locations for photoshoots and films. M&D Farms is nestled in our backyard among some of the richest scenery in New York State.  Therefore, it made perfect sense to partner up with these talented venue owners and begin creating.

It all started with an idea of using the fields near the farmhouse for a tea party, but tea parties have been done and we wanted something different to explore and bring to life.  Our tea party took a twist and out of some twisting came a darker version suited for the month of October, allowing us to play with rich colors, dark shadows and enchanting sets.

It was then time to find talent, crazy awesome talent and this team of make up artists decide THIS tea party is worth attending. Check out more of their work provided near the end of this post with our model video!


Gina escaped us before we got this pic…but link up to them!  Michelle, Rachel, Julie, Katie, Bailee, Sierra and Glory. = Rockstars.

Make Me A Cake: indulges our taste buds (what’s a tea party without cupcakes?)

Mario and Daniel own and operate M&D Farm and their untamed imaginations breathed life in our sets.


Mario and Shelly!wtp-bts-11wtp-bts-12

oh hey Samantha!

Janet from Angela’s Bridal put together a dream team of dresses and made our world!

Samantha from Samantha Nass Floral Design   trekked from Saratoga to Westerlo to vignette our tables and settings with her astonishing ability to give floral arrangements a whole new meaning.


we made them run through fields… toward shelly… and not fall over.wtp-bts-16wtp-bts-17

#mamarazzi and #paparazzi!wtp-bts-18

Amber and Daniel giving directions 🙂

Back to our hair and make up team as they took over the farm house with hair spray and girl power.  Thank you to these artists for bringing out the inner awesome of these amazing young ladies.

CHECK OUR VIDEO BELOW! (By Daniel of course)

Rachel Duncan: Color Me Gorgeous

Bailee Besso: Bailee Besso/Chanel

Glory Addie: Glory Addie Hair and Make up

Gina Tarbell: Gina Tarbell Artistry

Julie Potter : Julie Potter Master Stylist

Michelle McMahon:Bourbon and Lace Hair Design

Sierra Devlin: Just Teaze

Katie Burns: Katie Burns Artistry

Thank you M&D Farms for this great video of our models!!

Interested in our next adventure for modeling or portrait sessions?

Contact us! We are waiting to meet you!



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