Introducing Juliette! {Senior Portrait Artist}

Having a world ahead of you and bright future to grab a hold of is nothing short of a gift that we can embrace and then spread our wings and take flight.

Enjoying an afternoon with Juliette was refreshing and fun and filled with laughter. She even allowed us to lay her in some water with and with a gentle smile she stole my camera’s heart.

Juliette’s styled shoot gave us a softer look at senior portraits with the ability to throw in a few darker images. Senior portraits are a complete blast when creativity is allowed to explode~
text us for more info 518-657-9218
As always we party first on instagram!

Hjuliette for the blog-2juliette for the blog-3juliette for the blog-4juliette for the blog-5juliette for the blog-6juliette for the blog-7juliette for the blog-8juliette for the blog-9juliette for the blog-12juliette for the blog-15juliette for the blog-16juliette for the blog-17juliette for the blog-18juliette for the blog


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