Introducing Britney! {Senior Portrait Artist}

Give me a girl with passion and I can tell you a story that will leave your wondering, inspired and desiring to know more.
As we design our senior portraits sessions we always work to tell a story. We had a blast with Britney as we created a story based on a girl seeking her own adventure, leaving behind those who didn’t treat her well and willing to grasp a hold of her dreams and ambitions.
So, our images were created with that in mind! We hope you enjoy the highlights to her styled session with us!!

senior portraits info? text-518-657-9218

Britney's for the blog-4Britney's for the blog-8Britney's for the blog-9Britney's for the blog-10Britney's for the blog-11Britney's for the blog-13Britney's for the blog-14Britney's for the blog-17Britney's for the blog-18Britney's for the blog-21Britney's for the blog-22Britney's for the blog-25Britney's for the blog-29Britney's for the blog-30Britney's for the blog-31Britney's for the blog-34


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