Amber J Seniors: MICAYLA {BKW}

To live free is to be able to laugh when something is funny, cry when something moves you to tears and dance in the sunshine for no better reason then because you feel like it.

MICAYLA : We are excited to introduce this country girl! WHOO HOO!   Our sweet little town has so many options and places to go that it’s exciting to see where we go each time we step out of our studio.

These styled shoots are about encouraging everyone to step out on a creative step and learn that portraits can be anything you want them to be.  Got some country in you??


Hair and make up: Glory Addie Hair and Make up


Micayla for the blog-2Micayla for the blog-3Micayla for the blog-4Micayla for the blog-5Micayla for the blog-6Micayla for the blog-8Micayla for the blog-9Micayla for the blog-10Micayla for the blog-11Micayla for the blog-12Micayla for the blog-13Micayla for the blog13708333_1165227356857349_1459857927093595425_o


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