And then… it happened {We are THE SEEN}

So it happened. We took that proverbially leap of faith in a decision a couple of months ago.

Full throttle into the senior portrait business and that means, both engines burning and a creative boost like no other.

blogreadyDSC_6065.jpgI was  accepted to join 80 photographers from across the country to produce imagery specifically tailored for high school seniors.  I didn’t mention this when I was making my rep calls, because I wanted those girls who wanted to be a part of something and trust our vision for something.  They just had no idea how awesome this was going to get.

So, Carlyn, Savanna, Emily, Alexandria, Katie, Brianna, Micayla, Juliette and Effia- may the adventure begin….

I have another announcement for tonight, but that will have to wait.

For now, our models (and some requesting clients) have this amazing chance to be featured in a national magazine called The Seen.

Here’s all I can give you right now 🙂 check back tonight – because things just got real for our senior portrait clients !We Are The SEEN Snapchat Card Front



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