Congratulations 2016 Amber J Models

So, it’s weird to think that a year seems so long, but goes by so quickly.   Our 2016 team of senior models is graduating and I’m so so happy for them.

So to my girls of 2016,

Congrats!  I am proud of you and so excited that I was able to work with you throughout the year and get to know you for the amazing girls that you are.

As you go through the next few months you will be letting go of a lot of things and grabbing on to new adventures…because that is what they are. adventures.  Your life is truly just starting ( I feel so old saying this), but it seems like high school wasn’t that long ago and wow…it has flown.

Many people will offer you advice, but this is from my heart to yours.   Cherish yourself.  This doesn’t mean be selfish.  This means to give freely of yourself in a way that makes this world better.  Cherish your body, it’s the only one you have.  God made you in an amazing way, embrace that part if you and don’t just share it, respect it, be gracious with it, love it.    Be kind.  Even when things get ugly, dig deep and find a reason to be kind.  I watch many adults fall into despair because of grudges, failures and resentment. Don’t do that.   If you have a dream, chase it.  Embrace your small town heritage, you will find there were many wonderful things about it.    Move away for awhile. You can always come back, but live somewhere else, it will make you more aware of this crazy amazing world we live in.   Rise up to the challenges life gives you and enjoy soft ice cream when you can 🙂  Never be too proud to ask for help and never be too oblivious to offer it.   You all have passion and life to give to the people around you, NEVER let someone diminish that in you.  (hard I know!)  Throw nice words around… they are free.  People first, money second. It matters.

I love you all, it’s been more than a pleasure and I wish you all the best in the year that lies ahead!. abbyforblog-15webamber J photography-1-2brianna-29webamber j seniors-18webDSC_9560websam-1



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