Introducing Megan! Middleburgh Central School (Senior Portraits)

Working with Megan (An Amber J Senior Model Rep) was just so much fun.  I completely enjoyed watching this girl transform from the inside out. Her confidence, her sweetness, her sassy and her smile – all wrapped up in Megan.  Her senior portraits were just a reflection of the beauty that exudes from everything she is.

Please enjoy her highlights.  It was more than awesome.
webamber J photography-1-2 megan senior portraits-36 megan senior portraits-35 megan senior portraits-31 megan senior portraits-27 megan senior portraits-25 megan senior portraits-23 megan senior portraits-21 megan senior portraits-19 megan senior portraits-18 megan senior portraits-14 megan senior portraits-13 megan senior portraits-12 megan senior portraits-4


One thought on “Introducing Megan! Middleburgh Central School (Senior Portraits)

  1. I’ve always told Megan that she should really start modeling. So glad to see these photos of her. Absolutely Gorgeous Megan. 💟💟💟

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