Meet Effia! Charlotte Valley!! {Senior Portrait}

We know you have seen this beautiful face before as Effia is one of our model reps, but this time it was all about Effia and the fact that she’s a senior!!!  The best part about working more than once with someone, is the opportunity to get to know them and their family.  It becomes more about images, it becomes about experience and creating something amazing together.  Thanks to Glory for hair and make up and for Effia for the awesome.  Enjoy some of her highlights!!

Can’t wait to see more seniors in the #341! (Studio on main street. call for appointments! 518-657-9218!)
webamber j seniors-1 webamber j seniors-5 webamber j seniors-9 webamber j seniors-10 webamber j seniors-14 webamber j seniors-18 webamber j seniors-21 webamber j seniors-24 webamber j seniors-26 webamber j seniors-35 webamber j seniors-40 webamber j seniors-49


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