Fashion, Cars, Photography and Effia! {Senior Portrait Artist}

Before you scroll; I really hope you see why I love what I do. Sometimes we produce shoots just to let creativity fly and hopefully inspire you to do the same. Portrait photography will take wings and fly in different directions just like anything else, so I am enjoying the flight and I’ll take as many passengers with me as I can. Never hesitate to contact me to create with me 🙂

webeffia parachutefinals-2 webeffia parachutefinals-3 webeffia parachutefinals-5 webeffia parachutefinals-9 webeffia parachutefinals-10 webeffia parachutefinals-11 webeffia parachutefinals-12 webeffia parachutefinals-13 webeffia parachutefinals-14 webeffia parachutefinals-20 webeffia parachutefinals-21 webeffia parachutefinals-22 webeffia parachutefinals-23 webeffia parachutefinals-24 webeffia parachutefinals-25 webDSC_7284 webDSC_7285 webDSC_7286 webDSC_7287


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