Senior Showcase: Samantha! {A Styled Shoot with an Equine Friend}

If you ask Amber J Senior Model, Samantha who her best friend is, it’s an easy answer. He’s handsome, calm, sweet and snuggly on all four legs.  Her love for horses began a few years ago and it has grown in leaps and bounds as the hobby has turned into passion. I have learned when someone finds something to be passionate about, life gets a whole lots sweeter.  We spent an afternoon with Samantha and her beloved best friend and I have to admit, this guy finds his way to your heart rather quickly and is one of the best tempered horses I have ever been around.  So enjoy a few images of this amazing shoot!!!  Booking a shoot is easy, just click on the contact link at the top of the page! webDSC_3677 webDSC_3650 webDSC_3570 webDSC_3561 webDSC_3529 webDSC_3523 webDSC_3519 webDSC_3518 webDSC_3516 webDSC_3515
webDSC_3700 webAmber J Photography -99


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