Ethereal Session with Kayla {Senior Portrait Artist}

Kayla is heading into her senior year and she agreed to follow me up to the hilltops near an old abandoned home in the Helderberg mountains.  I know sometimes people think I am crazy for finding beauty in rundown and vacated spaces, but after reading through Abandoned America’s posts this week I am assured I am not alone.

However, during Kayla’s shoot we changed gears to become a little softer and ethereal in our technique.  We gave her an edge but with a lightened and almost fairytale like look at times.

So enjoy getting to know Kayla as one of our model reps this year!

Many people know Kayla for Irish step dancing, but what a lot of people do NOT know is that Kayla is pretty awesome on the drum set! She is a varsity track and soccer athlete and her favorite food is pizza.  Kayla would love to travel the world (she should probably take a photographer with her when she goes) and a pet peeve is judgmental people.

So, with out further judgement, grab a slice of pizza and enjoy a few ethereal moments with Kayla!


We even ordered a gentle breeze to help us out.webDSC_9551 webDSC_9560 Balloons make every thing happier.  The mood is subtle here and I love this last shot!webDSC_9567 webDSC_9569 webDSC_9585

The sunshine here was literally amazing.  The warmth of it all contrasted greatly with abandoned home.webDSC_9595

Sometimes I just like to play with sunshine.webDSC_9613 webDSC_9622Beautiful Kayla!


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