Rustic Chic with Sydney! {Senior Portrait Artist}

Today we continue with our Amber J Senior Model reps with Sydney from Cobleskill-Richmondville high school.  We had fun stretching our creativity a bit as once again Maple Shade Farms played host to our story telling.

We found a happy balance between moody, playful and sincere and it came together slightly different and even better than I envisioned.

More on that later but for now meet Sydney.  Sydney is a huge advocate for melanoma research and awareness and despite her serious interest she loves to laugh and have fun.  Something a lot of people don’t know is how easily she gets bored in a car and will make random videos that only she might fine funny.  I don’t know…maybe we should post one?

Sydney is a book worm and is looking forward to going to college for health science with ambitions to find a cure for melanoma.  Her favorite food is pickles and her pet peeve is when girls don’t think they are pretty enough !
“You are beautiful in your own unique ways!”

So, enjoy Sydney and a few of the lovely images we created with her.

Thanks to Shelly our co-creator and founder (check out epic teen images if you get the chance!) and Glory for her hair and make up awesome!

The guy at the store thought I was nuts when I bought this material…haha.  But I can’t say I regret my purchase!!webDSC_9300 A few classic looks to showcase a different look and feel as we played with light and smiles!webDSC_9307 webDSC_9317


A look so simple it’s dramatic!webDSC_9324 webDSC_9331 webDSC_9338

Rustic chic at it’s finest!!webDSC_9360 webDSC_9368

We played! We laughed! We loved!!  More to come!webDSC_9414-2


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