Urban Grunge #3 : Brianna! {Senior Portrait Artist}

We round out our urban grunge styled shoot with Brianna.  Such unique personalities and interests and all three girls brought it together for this shoot.  Someone asked me the other day why we were working so hard to produce these non-traditional shoots and I smiled because she answered the questions.  I simply want to give people and IDEA of  varying options that we can create.  Additionally, it gives me some creative freedom because we are creating this for the sake of having fun and seeing how it looks.  Through these sessions we learn a TON as photographers and end up having a BLAST with the models we work with all year 🙂

As for Brianna, she may seem quiet at first but I think those fierce blue eyes tell a slightly different story.  Though her personality is somewhat shy, it doesn’t take much time to  see how fun, caring and outgoing Brianna can be!  Not to mention, I think the camera loved her.

This student athlete loves her pizza and looks forward to becoming a nurse for cancer patient after her high school career comes to a close. Though her dreams of becoming a nurse will be reality someday, Brianna also wishes she could just take off and travel the world to see places she has never seen.

For now, we are going to enjoy a few of her highlights from our model session!


A girl’s genuine smile is the best make up ever…webDSC_8912

Blue eyes never fail to capture the heart, we enjoyed this session so much!
webDSC_8914 webDSC_8939

We played with a few colors and textures here and I loved the richness that came out of this image~

This gave a very different feel to the one above and I liked that the same location could be translated different~webDSC_8948

I like to include timeless images in each session. I like an image that will never be categorized the decade it was taken in~webDSC_8962 webDSC_8966 webDSC_8968 webDSC_8917We are booking into the summer, so if you are interested contact us asap!


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