Urban Grunge #2: Megan!! {Senior Portrait Artist}


Tonight it’s all about Megan! Our urban grunge shoot continues with our models and I am really excited to bring this to you.  You know what I like best? I love watching these girls “get it”.  What do I mean?  Well, it’s not easy having a camera pointed at your face and it’s not always easy to trust the vision of the photographer who swears she knows what she is doing 🙂 But then…it all starts to come together and Megan just nailed it! Here’s a little more about her:

Megan is a track athlete and cheerleader but what you may not know about her is that she truly enjoys helping people.  She wears her heart on her sleeve and though she may seem a little tough at times, she completely enjoys making other people happy. (She made me happy!)

She plans on attending college to become a social work therapist and her sense of humor will keep her going.  I always ask what everyone’s favorite food is (because let’s face it, I’m a foodie at heart). Megan and I both LOVE pizza, but what I didn’t know is that if she could do anything she would be a lawyer or detective!

Megan’s pet peeve is very similar to one of mine..she doesn’t like it when people change plans at the last minute! Me either!  All pet peeves aside, please enjoy part 2 of our shoot…here’s Megan!

Well, hello eyes.webDSC_8918 webDSC_8921 webDSC_8927

Megan’s face always seems to find the right light. I LOVE this shot!
webDSC_8941 webDSC_8942

There’s something about this one too.  I can’t always put my finger on why I love a photo, but the colors, the eyes, the look…all love!


Megan can seriously tell a story with her eyes. I am not sure of the ending, but it’s quite an adventure!
webDSC_8958 webDSC_8959 webDSC_8960


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