Model Shoot Part 2 Urban Grunge – Samantha

So this shoot was moody and beautiful based on our theme this year of founding beauty in dark places.  We did a group session of our three models Brianna, Megan and Samantha.  Tonight, however we are going to focus on Samantha followed by Megan and Brianna in the next two days!

Samantha is a lover of horses and her home town, Middleburgh.  Loving where she lives is maybe not what people would assume to know about her but Samantha has always enjoyed being a small town girl.  She does plan on leaving, but knows she will always come back to her roots.

Her main squeeze is Skippy…her horse and when she isn’t loving on her four legged friend she is cheerleading at her high school. Samantha loves cheering for her basketball players, but after her amazing high school years are over she will attend SUNY Morrisville or SUNY Cobleskill for equine management.

If she could do anything in the world Samantha admits she would buy the largest and most amazing horse-farm  money could buy and you could join her any time as long as you don’t possess one of her pet peeves like chewing loudly, snoring or breathe in a way that can be heard from across the room!

Samantha and all these girls helped pull together a grunge inspired shoot on a little back road we found in Cobleskill, NY.  Introducing our model rep, Samantha!

A genuine smile is the true gift of beauty. Love this shot!


I once again loved the dark and edgy look we worked with. Gave the feel of a movie.webDSC_4512 webDSC_4533

Thoughtfulness, something about being alone with your thoughts and I loved her look here.webDSC_8893 webDSC_8901

This look struck me immediately.  I think we caught her between takes, but the windblown hair and the non-smile almost gave me a mona-lisa guess as to what she was thinking.

webDSC_8955 webDSC_8973

Stunna!webDSC_8979 webDSC_8980 webDSC_8981Stay tuned! More model reps coming up! AHHHHH!!!!!

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