Introducing Our Travel Vintage Shoot with Abby and Liz {Senior Portrait Artist}

Each year we garner 7-9 model representatives to help us create images that will invoke creativity and imagination for the up and coming class of high schoolers getting ready to graduate.  We allow ourselves the freedom to step outside the traditional lines while keeping in touch with reality to show case some ideas that are personal to me and super fun to create exceeding traditional senior portrait ideas.

Our first model is Abby and we had a friend drop by to help us with the shoot (thanks LIZ!)

Abby is a junior at Bethlehem High School and we are way too excited to have her representing us this year!!!  When Abby is not looking back at me with those fun blue eyes she is filling out college application form to schools…in California 🙂

One thing most people may not know about Abby is that she can play the electric guitar (oh we might make her play alright!) and she is also a talented flute player!!  Abby rocks her own youtube channel with her friend Kayla and you may find she has an inclination to working in video production. Don’t forget the little people Abby.

Fave food? Lemon Pepper Chicken and honestly don’t mess with the pretty girl, she’s not afraid to stand up for what she believes in  and please oh please don’t don’t cut her off when she is trying to talk…that’s a big pet peeve!

A sweet thank you to Coxsackie Athens senior Liz for coming down to shoot with us!  She totally rocked it and the soccer star will be attending Hudson Valley Community College this fall.

BOOKING NOW: click on our contact link above!

Hair and Make up: Glory Dufek

Second Shooter: Shelly Wood

Security: Lori

Stay tuned for the video at the end!!


our theme: travel vintage.web2DSC_8766-Recovered webAmber J Photography -2

I enjoy places that involve some character and texture

With every image their is a story, whatever story you want that to bewebDSC_8665 webDSC_8667 webDSC_8672 webDSC_8674


I have had a penchant for the dark and moody lately, and this shoot gave me the chance to express thatwebDSC_8686 webDSC_8734 webDSC_8736

This gave me a different dimension than what I have been used to, but I love it. the before feeling a little lost and the after feeling a little hopeful.webDSC_8738 webDSC_8741-Recovered webDSC_8747

The strength of black and white is unmeasured.webDSC_8766 webDSC_8768 webDSC_8773 webDSC_8775 webDSC_8777


Simply stunning abby and liz!!webDSC_8786


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