I’m Really Excited About Tomorrow: {Senior Portraits Live}

In case you haven’t noticed. I truly love senior portraiture. I am really excited for tomorrow.  Tomorrow begins a series of three styled shoot we are producing with Amber J Senior Models.  These models have contracted with us for the year to work with us producing images that reflect the heart and soul of our senior portrait business.


As a photographer who sole purpose is to produce images for the clients, it’s an amazing creative outlet to produce something just for fun.  These next three shoots are visions and artistic ideas I have had but may not have the time or capacity to produce them with clients.



I want to show you.  I want to show you what CAN be done with senior portraits.  A mix of tradition and modern artistry – we have the ability to produce something no one else does.  It comes down to being unique and thinking outside of the box.


I love to share my work and I love to share the people I work with.  We will produce behind the scene images from on snapchat and twitter (@amberjphoto) , my senior instagram (amberjseniors) and going live with Periscope. 



I am really excited about this year in senior portraits. You know when you have that really good feeling that you have found something you were completely meant to do…  this. is. it.

To my current and future seniors. <3!

DOUBLE HONESTLY: Sometimes I design shoots depending on where the best coffee houses and yogurt shops are.  🙂

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