Once Upon A Story Yet To Be Told: Jaime’s Night

Once upon a time, there was a princess so dear

She didn’t rule countries, she ruled hearts far and near

Her story had barely been told and so it was time.

Volunteers helped to make it her night to shine

A princess should only be honored in a castle-like place

with vaulted ceilings and lighting, we found such a space

Hosted by 60 State in the city of Albany Friday night

Jaime found some time in the lime light.

Honorary members of the court spoke and welcomed the guests

John Robinson was there, simply the best of the best

Beauticians from the north, the south, the east and the west answered the call

while backstage looked like angles preparing for the ball.

Jaime, awaited her moment while music played

A purple dress just for her, a beautiful princess she made

The runway opened with gorgeous dresses all around

Made from our own queen of fashion at Bride and Gown

 Chic outfits and accessories galore

As Francesca’s and Charming Charlie’s they wore

Local artisans like Britta produced scarves for the show

Redemptive Institute Dancers  pranced lightly, some right up on their toe

Flowers shimmered the runway and made the Men’s Wearhouse tuxes look fine

Bouquets and carnation from Fantasy Floral Design

The music of the night set the mood all around

Thanks to the wonderful efforts of Saratoga Sound

Nothing more could a better night make

except for extra bite from a Piece of Cake cupcake

So through donations and love this story was told

In a way that made athletes with disabilities a little more bold.

We thank you if you came and did your part

We thank you for donations you made from your heart

if you still are inclined to made help this princess so dear

You can still make donations by pressing here

www.capitalregionmiracleleague.org (an organization that provides disabled athletes with the opportunity to play sports)

This is not the full gallery of images from our volunteer photographers, however, that is coming shortly. We just wanted to properly thank those who contributed and volunteered their time to MAKE THIS HAPPEN:

60 State Place

John Robinson

Saratoga Sound DJ

Fantasy Floral Design

Men’s Wearhouse

Bride and Gown


Charming Charlie’s

Alexis Voelker -hair and make up

Bailee Besso

Jessica Wynia

Glory Dufek

Britta (Scarves by Britta)

Our photographers: Christa, Jeremy and Heather

Our backstage and floor managers: Michelle and Margie


Princess of honor: Jaime!


John Robinson welcomes everyone



Redemptive Dance Institute!

Amber3-52Amber3-12Amber3-10 Amber3-5 Amber3-6 Amber3-7 Amber3-9 Amber3-10 Amber3-11 Amber3-12 Amber3-13

Amber3-9Amber3-8Amber3-10Amber3-11Amber3-17Amber3-16Amber3-15Amber3-14Amber3-13Amber3-12Amber3-19Amber3-20Amber3-25Amber3-24Amber3-23Amber3-22Amber3-21Amber3-31Amber3-30Amber3-29Amber3-28Amber3-27Amber3-26Amber3-37Amber3-36Amber3-35Amber3-34Amber3-33Amber3-32Amber3-43Amber3-42Amber3-41Amber3-40Amber3-39Amber3-38Amber3-49Amber3-48Amber3-47Amber3-46Amber3-45Amber3-44Amber3-61Amber3-60Amber3-59Amber3-58Amber3-57Amber3-56Amber3-54Amber3-53Amber3-52Amber3-51We had number of talented artists put their work on display at the Miracle Fashion Show. We LOVED seeing what they come up.  Our theme for the year is finding beauty in dark places and they were given the free lance option of doing their own interpretation of that theme.  We will be announcing winners this week as well!

From Berne- Knox-Westerlo – Willow Ruiz,Jennifer Busch, Cassie Flower, Nicole Hayden and Morgan Thomas.


Amber3-55Rachel Sumner- Middleburgh

Brooke Kingsbury-MiddleburghDSC_6124


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