2nd Annual Miracle Fashion Show!

Friday night.  Friday night made my heart soar.  Amber J Photography partnered with Sixty State Place  and Saratoga Sound DJ to host our second annual Miracle Fashion Show Fundraiser for The Capital Region Miracle League.  

This organization provides an opportunity for people with disabilities to participate in athletics.   We found them, we love them, we want to make them known.

I have so much to write about that it will take more than a few posts.  However, I wanted to get something out right away because I am overwhelmed.  I am proud and humbled, grateful and moved, impressed and exhausted  (haha).  It’s a good exhausted though!

In a nutshell (if I may): I met Jaime 1.5 years ago now and I can see why her family just loves her so much.  There is a tenderness about her and a precious heart inside that beautiful girl.  I have learned so much from her and her family and it’s a humbling experience to know them.  I’ll never be able to full explain it.  But for now…

I wanted to give you all a few highlights and I promise to splurge with images soon, but for now: please share!



John Robinson opened our show.  Please check out his amazing organization at www.ourability.com.


Our flower girl Brooke gives Burke (Jaime’s father and founder of the league) a hug.Amber3-9

A group of our Epic Teen Models for this year!!Amber3-8

Dancers from the Redemptive Dance Institute took to the runway Friday night too!Amber3-7

Our beautiful, funny Amber J Senior Models that have signed with us this year! (Gowns from Bride and Gown in Albany!)Amber3-6

Jaime and her precious mom!Amber3-6-2

Members of the Bethlehem Boys’ Swim team decked out in Men’s Wearhouse Tuxes 🙂Amber3-5

The girls and Jaime!Amber3-5-2

The crazy back stage before the show!Amber3-4

One beautiful family!!Amber3-4-2

Taking to the runway!Amber3-3 Amber3-2

I said stuff, but I don’t remember what! 🙂


I’ll provide full galleries soon, but so many thank yous and happy things to send your way, I can’t wait!

Thank you to all who came out!  If you would like to donate directly to the Miracle League please visit here.

Check back as we highlight our vendors, models, volunteers and more!



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