Vampire Diaries Part 3: Coryn, Kiera, Molly, Gabby, Sierra and Carley!!

Our 2015 model reps made this past year amazing.  From our styled shoots to their senior portrait sessions, we truly had a blast getting to know them, work with them and of course feature them everywhere!!  So, it was awesome to work with them one (hopefully not last) more time on our Vampire Diaries Inspired shoot.
webDSC_5079 webDSC_5087 webDSC_5092 webDSC_5100 webDSC_5108 webDSC_5114 webDSC_5115 webDSC_5121 webDSC_5124 webDSC_5131 webDSC_5136 webDSC_5145 webDSC_5149 webDSC_5151 webDSC_5162 webDSC_5172 webDSC_5183 webDSC_5186 webDSC_5198 webDSC_5203 webDSC_5206 webDSC_5207 webDSC_5231 webDSC_5216webDSC_5217webDSC_5222webDSC_5226webDSC_5241


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