Vampire Diaries Part 2: Abby, Kayla, Rachel, Samantha and Colleen

The series continues with Abby, Kayla, Rachel, Samantha and Colleen!  I wish I could explain how fun it is to play with light and see how it falls across different faces and textures, but that would be technical babble and really I’m just excited to showcase confidence and utter beauty in these young ladies.   As we move forward and our momentum grows it brings me to happy places to be able to SHARE the experience.  The best part is, this is not a lonely journey.  This journey includes friends and models, moms and high schoolers  and I could go on and on.  I won’t. I’ll just  let you enjoy this inspired shoot featuring a new class of models from the class of 2016!webDSC_5268 webDSC_5276 webDSC_5287 webDSC_5280webDSC_5292webDSC_5299webDSC_5301webDSC_5313webDSC_5326webDSC_5330webDSC_5331webDSC_5342webDSC_5351webDSC_5380webDSC_5387webDSC_5374webDSC_5372webDSC_5370webDSC_5360webDSC_5409webDSC_5415webDSC_5416webDSC_5407webDSC_5412webDSC_5421


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