Vampire Diaries Part 1: Shalyn, Ally, Emilie and Darby

Sometimes, it is way more fun to produce something off the beaten path and enjoy the outcome. The look is inspired by the show The Vampire Diaries.  I have always loved the photography from that show, so it was what gave the idea to create something dark and mysterious.  If you haven’t seen the photos by now, we are saturating Instagram (sorrynotsorry) with them.  Our gracious host 60 State Place in downtown Albany gave us the perfect backdrop to do something outside the lines.  Upon our first of two model calls for 2016 seniors, we invited our potential models to an event where we could showcase some things we do plus spoil them with professional hair, make up and photo shoot. I won’t ramble on about how fun these girls were to work with and how EXCITED I am that many of them signed on to represent us in 2016! Here is the first of three groups!

Thanks to Glory and Rachel for amazing hair and make up and Shelly for photographing with me!

webDSC_5455 webDSC_5459 webDSC_5464 webDSC_5466 webDSC_5475 webDSC_5478 webDSC_5483 webDSC_5486 webDSC_5490 webDSC_5493 webDSC_5495 webDSC_5496 webDSC_5500 webDSC_5513webDSC_5506webDSC_5530 webDSC_5547 webDSC_5551 webDSC_5552 webDSC_5559 webDSC_5563


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