Senior Portraits – This IS Jordan! Worcester Central School {NY Senior Portrait Artist}

It’s absolutely fascinating to watch how images turn out with each senior portrait creation.  Sometimes, the look we are going for totally turns around as I am looking at them a day or two later.  This whole process is quite unveiling, not just for my clients but for me.  I hear all kinds of things that seniors or people in general say before their portrait session.  I understand most people don’t feel super comfortable in front of the camera (It’s my job to make you comfy!), I also understand make up isn’t for everyone (that’s why we provide an earth tone and glamour option!). I also understand many of you have NO idea what you want out of your senior portraits (enter me!!!).  All of our senior portrait sessions come alive from the moment we meet and you answer a few questions, then the wheels start turning and we produce an heirloom that you and your family will cherish for a lifetime.

PS:  we also laugh…. a lot.

Enjoy Jordan’s model shoot as we showcase a few different looks and ideas! She’s just astonishing!!!
webDSC_8750webDSC_8696 webDSC_8717 copy webDSC_8728 webDSC_8734 webDSC_8740 webDSC_8747_pp webDSC_8760 webDSC_8790 webDSC_8798 webDSC_8802_pp webDSC_8805 webDSC_8812 webDSC_8814_pp


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