Please Don’t Do This Before Your Senior Portraits:

Senior portraits are a big deal! I mean, we are ONLY photographing this special time in your life that you will never ever again revisit, a time where you are young and free and beautiful.  Your future is still ahead of you and opportunities are plentiful and we are set to capture this moment in time for you. So don’t ruin it!

Without the flare for drama, I would still like to insist on a few things to NOT do before your senior portrait session.



don’t go for dramatic…


1. Scrub the crap out of your face. Acne will come and go with onset of the photographers editing skills. Don’t stress about a pimple or 10, we got this.

2. Radical hair color change.  It’s tempting, I know.  It’s great to go from light blonde to a dark and mysterious brunette, but just not before your senior portraits. Go with what is natural if possible!

3. Plucking those eyebrows.  If you have eyebrows that need a little attention, go get them professionally taken care of WELL before your portrait session.  Those red, swollen eyes are not so easily taken care of in post production.


eyebrows are important, just don’t pluck before your shoot!


4. Try a new brand of shampoo, make up or face cleanser.  This would be about the time you discover it irritates your skin or makes your hair flat.  Stick with what you know.




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