A Quick Behind the Scenes Look at our Miracle Fashion Show


So the first shot is our amazing group of 2015 Amber J Senior Models that are to be escorted by the Bethlehem Swim and Dive team (state ranked might I add).  To say we had fun… well heck yea 🙂

Let’s talk a little bit about Friday night shall we?  I figured I would grab a few images and put them here before we produce our full on galleries.  The fashion show was to raise awareness and money for The Capital Region Miracle League. In doing so we got some awesome models to show case clothing from Plato’s Closet in Albany, Fleet Feet in Albany and Bride and Gown in Glens Falls and our gracious host was Sixty State Place. How crazy cool is that???




Gia Rizzo and Bailee Besso were on hair and make up duty – and OF COURSE they did a fabulous job!


That’s me pretending to look like I know what I’m doing.


This is dress rehearsal…. Gunnar and Carley making sure they can walk the run way.


This is Kathleen ( from Closet Therapy For You) she kind of ran the entire show…cuz she’s a pro! Gabby and Kiera just making sure they know what they are doing.


Just making sure we had our camera settings …


Just hanging with the girls before we head out!




No more camera shyness to be found.


Off those pretty  girls go to the runway.


Kathleen (Closet Therapy For you) Had to say a LOT…she did such a great job running the show.


I had to say things too…


This is Sparrow…check out her sounds here http://www.soundcloud.com/soundsofsparrow  She performed at a new level of awesome for us!


That’s us again.


Because Coryn made this dress look amazing 🙂


Hi Greg. (Member of the Bethlehem Swim and Dive team)


s’up Greg and Sierra?


DJ Dan!


Hitting the runway! Hey that’s Ben Pliss our videographer ( photobomb much?)




This is Erin from Erin Bremer Photography and she helped photograph!


This is Burke and his wife Carol who founded the Miracle League. Are they so sweet???


Well hello shelly from Shelly Wood Studios…she photographed too!


This is one of my favorite!  It’s a little funny – ok it’s a lot funny.  This was not photoshopped even a little bit. She really is that cute and they really are that much taller than she is.

Ok, so I have hundreds of photos to go through and I just wanted to say thank you once again to our vendors.. I will be giving shout outs in our blogs as we post more and full galleries will be coming soon!

Hope you enjoyed these!!!!!!




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