The Sounds Of Elianna Decker To Open Our “Miracle” Fashion Show , <3

This girl totally rocks

This girl totally rocks

I met with Ellie a couple of weeks ago after face-stalking her on Facebook.  Her sound was unique and enchanting and it completely matched her personality.  Ellie has graciously decided to come to our Fashion Show on March 28, at 7pm at Sixty State Place in downtown Albany where she will perform before our models bust out on the scene.  Come see this fabulous and rising talent!!!

Sparrow, aka Ellie Decker, is currently a junior earning her Bachelor’s of Science in music industry at The College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY and is a graduate of John S. Burke Catholic High School in Goshen, NY. Adopted from the Dominican Republic but raised in Pine Bush, NY, a small town about two hours outside of New York City, she grew up with her parents and many pets in an old farmhouse.

One of Sparrow’s favorite memories as a kid were spending Wednesday nights with her father going to the local arcade to play video games, and then getting McDonald’s and heading to the local airport to watch planes take off. One of her hobbies includes watching indie films that discuss everyday scenarios people go through that send a meaningful message about a specific topic. Her all-time favorite junk food is Ben & Jerry’s Vanilla Heath Bar ice cream.

Sparrow was first introduced to music at the young age of four when she discovered how pleasant it was to bang on her grandfather’s piano. Realizing her passion for music, her parents enrolled her in classical piano lessons at the age of four, classical violin lessons at the age of six, and classical composition lessons at the age of thirteen. Sparrow’s passion for electronic music began after hearing Daft Punk’s album Discovery in 2001 and Sarina Paris’ self-titled album in 2005, but it wasn’t until 2011 that Sparrow became seriously active in her solo project. Since then, she has written, recorded vocals, produced, and mixed progressive house, electro house, dubstep, and electronica. She has also co-written, produced, engineered, and mixed tracks for other artists in her music program and for clients at her current internship, Hyland Recording.


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