Fashion Blog: Do Accessories Matter?

Hey Ladies!  Well it’s officially February , and I wish I could say otherwise but the weather isn’t getting much warmer. While our outfits are a huge aspect in our senior shoots, I think as girls we can all agree that no outfit is complete without accessories! And that is what this blog is all about. And I’m going to give you girls some accessory ideas for both winter, and spring shoots so that you can look even more awesome in senior shoot!

WINTER: Even though winter shoots aren’t always the most fun because of the cold weather, there are awesome winter accessories to make you look cute, and keep you warm during your shoot! The first accessory, and probably the most popular this season would be scarves.

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Scarves are the perfect accessory, that can be added to any outfit to add a pop of color, and help to keep you warm! A few other accessories I am loving this season are leg warmers and beanie hats! The thing that I love about winter is you can wear a hat, scarf, leg warmers, and an adorable fuzzy coat, or vest and it is totally acceptable! Especially in New York!

Chelsie, a model for Amber J Seniors now blogs fashion for us!  check it!

Chelsie, a model for Amber J Seniors now blogs fashion for us! check it!

SPRING: The season that we are all anticipating! I love spring because it’s the time of the year that you can wear pastels, florals, and flowy maxi skirts.! Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself. The first idea I would suggest for spring would be jewelry! In winter we kind of go for a more plain, bundled up type of look, but in spring we can load up on the cute bright colored jewelry! I would suggest the bigger the better! This is your senior shoot, so pick up that adorable necklace and earring set that you would never wear on a normal day. Be creative with your senior shoot, and think out of the box! The next accessory I absolutely LOVE for spring are flower crowns. When I did my shoot with Amber I wore a flower crow (Image above!)and I absolutely loved it! It gives a very natural “Free People” type of feel, if you like that style! Speaking of things that go on your head, fedoras! I absolutely love a cute fedora hat with the right outfit, if you like them, and feel comfortable pulling it off, I would go for it! And lastly of course, sun glasses. Sun glasses are such a fun accessory, because there are so many different styles you can go for, so grab a cute pair that matches your style, and they’ll always come in handy!

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Another thing to consider is props, things that you can use in your shoot to occupy your hands. Umbrellas are great, in winter or spring shoots! Another cute idea that I’ve seen is balloons! It sounds a little weird but they’re super fun, and add a light, happy feel to your shoot, these should probably be more aimed towards a spring or summer shoot!

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