Sneak peek: Katie!

Wait until you see this session! Katie will be a senior at Middleburgh High school this year and following her love of all things softball, I can’t wait to show case her.

Not only is she an Amber J Rep, she is an all-star and country girl whose quiet personality gives way to a super easy senior portrait session.

More to come!



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Thanks Glory again for hair and make up done awesome! (

I posted a second sneak peek on our instagram @amberjseniors!

webkatie senior  portraits



Good morning everyone!  For the third time I have opened my email to read this:

Welcome to the Best of the Best!

 Your submission has been selected
for The Master Series 

What does this mean?  It means we are on a hot streak and our senior portrait clients are getting more exposure than ever before!  I submitted Micayla’s styled session with us based on a few new requirements and a few weeks later, we got the notification!!!


Here is your national debut in We Are The SEEN!!


“mermaid off duty” with Katie! {Senior Styled Shoot}

Introducing Juliette! {Senior Portrait Artist}

Having a world ahead of you and bright future to grab a hold of is nothing short of a gift that we can embrace and then spread our wings and take flight.

Enjoying an afternoon with Juliette was refreshing and fun and filled with laughter. She even allowed us to lay her in some water with and with a gentle smile she stole my camera’s heart.

Juliette’s styled shoot gave us a softer look at senior portraits with the ability to throw in a few darker images. Senior portraits are a complete blast when creativity is allowed to explode~
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Introducing Britney! {Senior Portrait Artist}

Give me a girl with passion and I can tell you a story that will leave your wondering, inspired and desiring to know more.
As we design our senior portraits sessions we always work to tell a story. We had a blast with Britney as we created a story based on a girl seeking her own adventure, leaving behind those who didn’t treat her well and willing to grasp a hold of her dreams and ambitions.
So, our images were created with that in mind! We hope you enjoy the highlights to her styled session with us!!

senior portraits info? text-518-657-9218

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Contest Winner! Sylvie! {Jefferson Central School}

Jefferson Central School student athlete Sylvie was the second winner of our mini-session styled contest last week and it was such a pleasure to work with her and put her in front of my camera!

Thank you to Sierra  for make up and thank you to Sylvie for visiting our studios!

Senior portraits? Text me for info: 518-657-9218sylvie blog-3sylvie blog-10sylvie blog-14sylvie blog-11sylvie blog-17sylvie final-18sylvie blogsylvie blog-5sylvie final-19sylvie blog-9

Katie!! Just to inspire you!

Over in our studio we like to take concepts and turn them into awesome! This blog post is to inspire you and get your creative brain thinking! Yes we want your senior portraits to be amazing, but we also want them to be unique!

A fun element to a senior portrait session is to play with light in the dark.  We incorporate these type of images into a full session and it’s a blast!

Our Amber J Model rep Katie assisted on this shoot by allowing us to photograph her at night and show you what one light can do for you!


Grab your imagination and text us for more information! 518-657-9218

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Introducing Savanna! {Senior Portrait Artist}


Have I ever mention I love styled sessions? Savanna’s was a blast for us as we got to see such a soft and beautiful look.  Savanna’s artistic self showed through in some of her quieter images and her personality definitely shined when she smiled.

Her ambition and life goals were so refreshing to listen to and hear about. It makes me excited to be on this journey with her!

As always we post a little something something on our instagram!

Hair and Make up by Glory Addie Hair and Make up!

Interested? contact us and request more information about our senior portrait experience? You can just text us! 518-657-9218

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Amber J Senior Emily! {Senior Portrait Artist}

Senior portraits just don’t have to be boring.  We loved this series with Emily because it incorporated a piece of who she was with a twist of elegance.

Emily is an awesome student athlete, but she graced the stage to give a glimpse into this side of her life.

The side braid was an awesome touch (we love braids!) and Emily’s classical portrait session gave us a little to think about as we head into senior portrait season!

Request more info by texting 518-657-9218

Emily is also featured on our instagram here!

Or click on the contact me form above! We can’t wait to see what we can design for you!

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Amber J Seniors: MICAYLA {BKW}

To live free is to be able to laugh when something is funny, cry when something moves you to tears and dance in the sunshine for no better reason then because you feel like it.

MICAYLA : We are excited to introduce this country girl! WHOO HOO!   Our sweet little town has so many options and places to go that it’s exciting to see where we go each time we step out of our studio.

These styled shoots are about encouraging everyone to step out on a creative step and learn that portraits can be anything you want them to be.  Got some country in you??


Hair and make up: Glory Addie Hair and Make up


Micayla for the blog-2Micayla for the blog-3Micayla for the blog-4Micayla for the blog-5Micayla for the blog-6Micayla for the blog-8Micayla for the blog-9Micayla for the blog-10Micayla for the blog-11Micayla for the blog-12Micayla for the blog-13Micayla for the blog13708333_1165227356857349_1459857927093595425_o


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