Personally Speaking: Jesse, Real Girls…REALLY Beautiful

It takes nothing more than believing you are worth it. You are loved. You are strong. You are you and no one else can be you. You can stomp on your insecurities or you can let them overtake you. You can smile with confidence or hide in the shadows. You can trust others or build a wall. You find your strengths and use them or wallow in your weaknesses and lose yourself in them.
You have it in you, to be loved and give love. The world is more beautiful because of you.
Happy Valentine’s Day.
Thank you Jesse!
Hair and make up : Color Me Gorgeous



wearing my heart on my sleeve{less}

I am writer at heart. Photography is a visually intense journey, but writing is power (to me at least).

So, one day in the studio I got up and knocked on the door that leads from my studio to the gift store connected to me.

Larry (Lerny’s Gift Shop) looked up from his computer and I met his look, “Sooooo, I might have an idea. ” I smiled because I hear smiling helps when you ask questions.

He listened, he looked at my design for a tank top, he gave me some advice and a few weeks later my idea was on a model in my studio!  Thanks to my business neighbor, we just hit 20 (pre order inquiries) in our first instagram post in the first hour. WHAT? We are donating partial proceeds to the Albany City Mission and we couldn’t be more excited to do this.

Step by step, making ideas come to life.  It falls in line with our entire goal for this year as a photography studio for teens.  Young girls, we can DO and BE anything if we put our dreams in action!!

Our first 4 words will be releasing in my studio in the next couple weeks and then we go online. EEEEEK!!! Two were released on instagram last night 🙂



Model: Jesse Batz

Wonderlust Magazine feature all our models can be found here.

We can’t wait to launch this line soon and I can’t thank Larry enough for putting up with my questions, ideas, and random font changes and helping me design these shirts.

Thanks to our lovely model, Jesse and thanks for this opportunity.

I love words, I love their definition and I love how this all turned out.  I hope you do too.

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@amberjphoto – twitter

Our new site is coming soon too, it’s like Christmas~!


AJP Teens: In case you can’t make it, here’s our alternative meeting date, can’t wait!!!

AJP Teen Jaylah Bell – “Amber Amber Lawrence Johns and Shelly Peavey-Wood always take awesome pictures and work so hard to achieve their visions! I have never had such an amazing opportunity to work with so many great people, it’s like one big happy family and they always strive to make everyone comfortable and happy while they are being photographed. I don’t think I can express how thankful I am that God led me to these people!! I love every single one of them an they make the already amazing experience even more amazing. It’s incredible how much confidence I have built since I began working with Amber J Photography! Both the people and the experience are more then I could have ever imagined I could be a part of, thank you Amber and Shelly!”

In simple gestures and sweet smiles, the world can see good.  We have filled up our Feb 4th 11 am brunch for potential AJP TEEN reps, so we would like to publicly offer a back up date

Wednesday feb 8 – 6:30 pm 322 Main Street, Middleburgh NY


Once our teens have signed, we will begin our journey in this new year.  Some of you ask: what is this all about?

I try to explain to sports parents it’s like club sports for those athletes who want to excel and go beyond the ordinary.  For theater, it’s like taking classes and investing in opportunities to express the art you so dearly love.  For the student, it’s education of a process unlike any other.  For the human being, it’s self discovery different from others.

If you are interested in joining our teen team or just getting information, please sign up for the  meeting.  We will go through the opportunities available to our teens through our studio.

You can always check out our previous links to get more insight: Contact me, Themed session example, who we are!

we look forward to serving you and providing a unique alternative to the every day.


amber and shelly



3 Days until we launch, {sign up to grab our first seats as AJP Teen Reps}

 “Amber and Shelly have given me so many opportunities throughout this journey I’m so grateful for.. for the longest time I was uncomfortable in front of a camera, or awkward with others.. but in this journey I’ve learned to laugh and make.jokes through it all, and smile. it’s awesome what amber and shelly have done for me, and there aren’t enough thank yous in the world for them. They change so many lives, more then they know. they’re the ones who capture everyone’s most precious moments, they’re here through it all. I recommend them for everything and anything-they’re the greatest! I can’t thank you guys enough” – Lexi- AJP TEEN


We are the only full service portrait studio for teens.  We create, uplift and showcase some amazing teenagers from our  base studio and we have reached the attention of national publishers ONLY because our teens have exemplified beauty in a way that is different.

So it’s January. In three days our subscribers will be sent an email with exclusive times and dates for meetings to be introduced to a world beyond our every day expectations.

This year, our amazing teens will make beauty a verb.  Beauty is action and we are going to showcase it through creativity, art, kindness and really amazing girls.


(click on the word for examples)


portrait shoots

themed shoots with girls from around New York

work with real professionals in the industry

in 30 years she will look back on and say “I did that!”

Community Service events

and so much more.

Sign up for our introductory email that will show case even more about what we have ahead.   We also have another special announcement coming in February and our AJP Teens will have first access.



amber and shelly


Enchanting; {Beauty is a verb}

I love words. They can empower, deflate, create and inspire.  Young girls and women alike have the ability to inspire the world around them or destroy it.

I choose to inspire. I choose to make beauty a verb and not an adjective.  Beauty as an adjective deteriorates with age, it’s subject to judgement and physical handicaps.

Beauty as a verb breathes life.  Eyes become brighter with hope and smiles are more beautiful when they are a result of spontaneous kindness. Yes,  I want each girl who walks through our studio doors to experience beauty as verb.

I love words and here in my space in the world, I will share them with you. For everyone is enchanting; captivating and subject to magical influence.

She deserves to exist in photographs.

Never hesitate to contact us about a session or follow along on instagram at amberjseniors

be. enchanting.

Contact us here to join the party.


I’m Awkward {they said}; but not with me

“I’m awkward”

“I’m fat”

“I have acne”

“I never look good”

“I don’t have the right clothes”

“I never know how to smile”

“My smile looks like I want to kill someone”

“I have resting “B” face”

“I don’t look like a model”

“I’m too short”

on and on and on we go.


When you work with our studios,  You will look back and say, “WOW, I am so glad I did that.”

Because we ALL have something we want to change, but God has made this way and can we just all embrace who we are and CELEBRATE it?

“You have no idea.” They say.

Yes, I do. Because, like you I have insecurities. I also have passions and those passions far outweigh my insecurities. They must or else we die a little.

I will release your passion, your true entity, your YOU! Don’t be the girl in the pictures, be you in this moment in life, I’ll happen to bring my camera with me.

Contact us and let us show you how amazing awkward can be for anyone!


instagram: amberjseniors



She deserves to exist in photographs; do you?

Your daughter deserves to exist in photographs and so do you.


I want to give you the experience of time standing still with your beautiful girl.  What a challenge it’s been to raise a daughter that has value, worth and empowering friendships. What a treasure it is, to keep it forever.

I want to invite you and your daughter to be a part of our AJP Teen experience in 2017.  Where we will deliver the best photographs you have ever see of your daughter and we will create the opportunities for you to exist in photographs with her.


We have designed a team experience for girls to know and understand what is like to be powerful, beautiful and genuinely captured through our photographic experiences.  You can celebrate with us through an entire year or come for one session.

Specializing in high school senior portraits; teen portraits, themed portraits and you.

Let  2017 be the year your teen sees herself.

Start the journey here 

{Featuring Jefferson’s Makayla!} Brave. Fearless. Purple.

The challenge was to use a color to tell a story. Challenge accepted.  Jefferson Central School’s Makayla stepped up to the offer and came into our studio to meet fashion make up artist Rachel Duncan of Color Me Gorgeous… fitting name for such a shoot 😉

Showing girls we can step out of our comfort zone and press into our creativity is sheer amazing. The empowering moment when you can shed your every day and just allow someone else to help you do something way different.

The challenge results aren’t back yet, but I couldn’t wait any longer to feature what we did with Makayla and the color purple.

Welcome to our color challenge.

FYI: we have several themed and model shoots planned for 2017, if you are even a little interested to see what we do, you can sign up for our email list by clicking on the contact tab above and follow along on instagram at amberjseniors.

Purple. Unicorns. Mystery.



We invite you and your teen daughter to a life changing experience: ready?

That’s a bold offer, but that’s what we want for you.  What if we could give you a life changing experience that not only left with you with the most amazing images of your daughter, but time together with her.

High school is flying and in the next few years, your daughter will change from a young teenager to a young woman.  We want to provide you with an experience that allows you to spend time with her, but also empowers you as mother and daughter. We want to show your daughter confidence in herself, provide her access to friendships and celebrate exactly who she is.


Will you allow us to do this with you?

Janet Dibble-Ross :”Amber is such a talented photographer! I am so glad my daughter got to join Amber and Shelly on the adventure of a lifetime for her Senior year! Amber has given me such beautiful moments to remember and cherish forever…and I cannot thank her enough for taking Alexandria and I along for the ride. Having Amber photograph your child, children, family…whatever the occasion, is not just a photograph…it is an entire experience that will last forever. Words cannot express the moments she has given my daughter! ..and I will be forever thankful.”

We invite you to sign up for our emails that will go out in 2017 to start planning some of the best adventures in friendship, creativity, self expression and self value all wrapped up in priceless images that in 30 years from now she will treasure.  Joining the AJP TEEN Team will change… everything.

(Esp if you have a 2018 senior!) Journey with us.

Sign up here for more information


Amber and Shelly

Looking through a window: Santa Hats and Sweet Girls

Last week our Amber J Senior Reps took donations for gifts to senior citizen living in a senior assisted living facility and then we broke out in a santa hat shoot. We thought it would be fun to show you the set up mixed in with the images that we finalized for the girls.

It’s been one of the few give backs we have done this year and it was lot of fun.  As this year comes to close so many of the things we have done are changing for our teens. This next year has opened many doors with designers and professional artist that it is excited to see how this will go.  Our traditional model team is becoming an entity and it’s truly amazing to see something we have built from the ground up gain a platform that will allow our teenagers a chance to work in front of the camera, get to know creatives in the professional fields and gain experiences that I would have never dreamed I would be able to offer.

So, be ready 2017 !

Interested in more information on how to be a part of this: fill out this form

Our adventures on instagram: amberjseniors

snapchat : amberjphoto

The studio!


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